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Healthcare Information Systems Solutions since 1980 SEPTEMBER 7, 2010  / Issue 36
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Better Information for Better Care
Patient data is changing constantly. Use the Total Data Quality Toolkit for SSIS to verify, correct, update, enhance, and de-dupe your patient database.
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Achieving Cost-Effective, Vendor-Neutral Archiving For Your Enterprise
Read about the key requirements for a vendor-neutral efficient enterprise-wide clinical data repository. It describes how access to relevant patient data and how efficient data sharing can impact cost efficiencies, staff productivity and patient care. In addition to discussing on-site archiving solutions, it also describes the option of purchasing a remotely hosted archiving service/ software as a service (SaaS).
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The HIE revolution begins … when?
What if it takes us another 15 or 20 years to bring HIE into the mainstream, like it took 20 years for ATMs to become ubiquitous?

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The Fall Health IT Summit is the most targeted executive summit focused on health information technology. It is designed to help executives, physicians, and technologists network and learn about the constant changes in health IT. For more information or to register please contact Matthew Raynor, matt@ihealthtran.com

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