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Health Management Technology
August 2009 | www.healthmgttech.com | Issue 8


Wireless Upgrade Improves Performance

This health system discovers it lacked the technology needed to support its mobile workforce. Assessing the current network infrastructure helped to reveal a solution. Read More

“Safety Net” Program Requires Streamlined Administration

With nearly 47 million Americans who lack health insurance, providing access to care has become a national focus. Read More


Exclusive Research

Technology Transfer Strategies: Maximizing Returns From New Technologies

This is a comprehensive analysis of the current and future technology transfer environment, with expert insight and recommendations from industry insiders.
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Health Management Technology is pleased to announce a major revamping of its Web site. Among the changes:

  • improved presentation of major news in the healthcare IT industry;
  • six topic-specific sections populated with features, white papers, products and news related to each topic;
  • higher-profile links for print advertisers;
  • expert-written blogs;
  • six topic-specific social networking communities for healthcare executives to share information and answer questions;
  • home page surveying capability;
  • links to HMT's pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;
  • an enhanced Events/Calendar section;
  • and a special Pioneers in Healthcare IT section.



As part of Health Management Technology’s 30th anniversary celebration, we are asking subscribers to nominate individuals to receive the Pioneers in Healthcare IT awards. These awards will recognize those individuals – past and present – who have shaped the healthcare IT field, individuals whose vision and innovation have positively impacted the industry. Winners, selected by an editorial panel, will be recognized in the September 2010 issue of Health Management Technology and on the magazine’s Web site.


Health Management Technology is pleased to announce our new Web 2.0 groups on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. We collaborate, share our expertise and discuss real world challenges and solutions within the field. You are welcome to join us in this exciting new way to learn and keep on top of breaking technology as it happens! Connect and find the answers you need in our ever challenging profession!