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Health Management Technology
April 2009 | www.healthmgttech.com | Issue 4

Health Management Technology

...And Healthcare Access for All

By Ivy Krull

The impact of health disparities in our country is real, measured in terms of increased cancer rates, increased mortality rates, and increased instances of chronic conditions for at-risk populations. Read More

News Release

Health Management Technology and Communications News Merge

Strategic move to address the information needs of healthcare technology decision makers. Read More


...And Healthcare Access for All

The impact of health disparities in our country is real, measured in terms of increased cancer rates. Read More

The Change Healthcare Needs

Change is rarely easy, but often, it is necessary. Read More

The Outsourcing Pendulum

A new option for revenue cycle management services. Read More


Hospitals Earn Award for EMR Use

Industry trade group Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) honored 15 hospitals with its Stage 7. Read More

Obama Establishes Health Reform Office

The White House Office of Health Care Reform became official this month with the signing of an executive order by President Obama. Read More

Obama Plans Veterans' Database

President Obama is planning a federal electronic database to improve the tracking of veterans' medical records that will be administered by the Defense Department. Read More

Catholic Health Initiatives saves big with IT investment - $125 million and counting

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Save Big with IT Investment
Catholic Health Initiatives Saves $125 Million and Counting

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) saved $125 million with the Lawson suite of business applications, rolled out the applications to 45,000 people in 24 months, and expects to save another $50 to $60 million each year. Learn more

So many capabilities. So few ounces.

Pocketable, powerful and rugged, the MC55 from Motorola packs the power of a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer into a single device. Click here for more information

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Business of Health
Does the business of healthcare threaten to get in the way of achieving your organization's patient goals?

Read how Susquehanna Health partnered with Siemens to implement Soarian across its entire enterprise - resulting in significant financial results, productivity benefits, as well as improved safety and quality of patient care initiatives.