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Thought Leaders

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Instantaneous Access

Medical Tourism on the Rise

Internet Broadcast of Medical Procedures

“Smart Bathrooms” Monitor Health

Possible EMR Adoption Bill Revisions

Number of High Risk Federal IT Projects Reduced

Grant for Maine Telehealth

DoD Assesses Possible EMR Platform Merger



Path to Insight

Healthcare in the U.S. is on the cusp of monumental change. Already, the hospital and provider community is dealing with varying stages of consumer-directed healthcare and public access to quality and cost metrics; heightened focus on compliance with evidence-based care protocols; and, a staggering number of tier-network and reimbursement programs. Each of these fundamentally affects revenue streams, expense management and the ability to compete. ...

Case Study: Security and HIPAA Compliance
DM Review discusses healthcare IT's two biggest challenges, security and HIPAA, with someone who faces these issues on a daily basis and has successfully implemented a solution to meet today's concerns. Learn how a premier multi-site hospital substantially increased their security profile and achieved HIPAA compliance by implementing a single, comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution.
Read the case study.


Through a Glass Darkly

by Michael McBride

Congress recently overrode President Bush's veto and passed H.R. 6331, a bill originally designed to delay a scheduled decrease in Medicare reimbursements that became so packed with Congressional fodder it was guaranteed to be vetoed by the administration. ... more

Why Is the System Slow? An End-user Experience Webcast from Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
“The system is slow.” We’ve all heard that complaint. Poor HIS system performance, or the perception of it, is a huge concern. Listen to an informative webcast featuring Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, a major Midwest provider. The report shows the issues that can effect IT performance management, and how to alleviate them by gaining visibility into end-user experience using
Compuware Vantage.


CCHIT Names New Commissioners

CCHIT appoints eight new commissioners to serve on their board as a new health information exchange certification program begins. ... more

Rhode Island Requests Medicaid Cuts
Rhode Island asks the Feds to drastically reduce the state’s Medicaid funding and availability to curb its sharp budget shortfalls. ... more

HHS Issues Waivers
HHS waives Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP requirements for counties in four states hammered by Hurricane Gustav. More ... more

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