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JUNE 2008 Articles:


CMS to Share Part D Claims Data

HHS, CMS Begin Incentivized-EHR Demonstration Project

HHS Plan for Health IT Adoption


The Circle of Non-Reality

by Michael McBride

Axioms can be illuminating. Take, for example, the project manager’s credo: "Fast, good or cheap — choose any two. You cannot have all three." This is sometimes referred to as the Circle of Reality, though in some circles, reality is optional. Ever since Mankind built its first mud hut there have been strict trade-offs between budget, time and quality, and yet, organizations continue to believe they can have it all. ... more


Congress Overrides Presidential Veto
Congress has overridden the President’s veto of the Medicare Reform Bill, which includes incentives and penalties to encourage physicians to adopt ePrescribing. ... more

Prescription Data Networks Merge
Two of the biggest prescription information data networks — RxHub network and Surescripts — have merged in order to boost electronic prescribing, with hopes of doubling the annual 100 million electronic prescription transactions in the coming year. ... more

Intel's Personal Healthcare System
Intel is set to release its in-home patient monitoring computer and connected Web portal in late 2008, early 2009. The goal of the system is to shift monitoring of patients with chronic health problems out of the hospital and into the home, to save money and give better, more personalized care. ... more

CDC Health-e-Cards
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has produced more than 80 Health-e-Cards, which are meant to educate and inform family and friends about actionable health information. ... more

Best Hospitals
U.S. News & World Report has released its 19th annual “Best Hospitals” ranking, which judges and ranks hospitals based on the most difficult cases across 16 specialties. ... more

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