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January 2008 Feature Articles:


HIT Spending Projected at $10.8 Billion By 2012

2006 Healthcare Spending Totals $2.1 Trillion

HHS Awards CDC Last Grants for Flu Preparedness

Zero Tolerance: Health Plans Refuse to Pay


Dirty Laundry

by Mike McBride

According to the 2007 HIMSS Leadership Survey, which every year asks CIOs and IT directors to specify which IT technologies are most important to their healthcare organizations now and in the future, 54 percent of respondents indicated that "implementing technology to reduce medical errors and increase patient safety," such as EMRs, is their organization's top priority today. ... more


VA Improves Healthcare Quality
A new report from the CBO validates IT adoption and shows improvements in healthcare quality at the VA. ... more

Inverness Buys Matria for $1.18 Billion
Multicompany acquisitions costing in the billions of dollars are driving the massive growth of the POC/health monitoring market. ... more

Pakistan Public Health Infrastructure
Multicompany acquisitions costing in the billions of dollars are driving the massive growth of the POC/health monitoring market. ... more

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Scheduling - A Strategy for Transforming Health Service Delivery
Because the appointment is the portal through which providers deliver services, strategic scheduling represents a key agent for the transformation of service delivery. This white paper discusses the opportunity for new value that scheduling can provide to a healthcare organization. View whitepaper.

Optical Networks: Closing the Gap Between Patient and Caregiver
Optical network solutions from AT&T provide scalable, secure bandwidth to keep the health care provider and the patient connected, despite increasing network traffic. View whitepaper.

Trend Report – Dialing Long Distance for Healthcare
Telemedicine makes care accessible when and where it’s needed – across states and between nations. View whitepaper.

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