February 2008
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VA Improves Healthcare Quality

According to "The Health Care System for Veterans: An Interim Report" from the Congress of the United States Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the VA has improved its healthcare quality through IT adoption and shared central office decision-making. Clinical guideline standards adherence, service access wait-times and customer satisfaction are the chief ways that the VA tracks quality of care. The CBO report says that being an integrated healthcare system allows the VA to provide incentives for managerial compliance on clinical guidelines, and that IT system test and treatment reminders are effective tools that lead to the report's conclusion. The report explains that one major component of the healthcare quality improvement (in terms of IT) is the fact that every VA patient has an electronic record, which provides current medical information, tests and treatments and therefore reduces errors, duplication and adverse drug effects and interactions.

Click here to read or download the full CBO report.

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