February 2008
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Pakistan Public Health Infrastructure

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has selected DiagnosisONE to develop the IT infrastructure for Pakistan's national public health system. The New Hampshire-based connectivity solutions provider will help Pakistan's public health officials collect, access and report data on communicable disease outbreaks for the country's more than 160 million residents. In addition to the as-yet-detailed technology infrastructure, the company will be providing its D1Surveillance system - a connectivity engine and database solution which sits at the heart of the effort to monitor potential disease outbreaks more effectively through the connection of labs, physician's offices, EDs and hospitals. The D1 Surveillance system has already been deployed in Puerto Rico as well as being currently used by the Massachusetts State Laboratory Institute and the state's CDC Bureau. The new IT infrastructure will also provide an electronic log book, said by the manufacturer to consist of a light EMR - which will be distributed for free to physicians. This part of the system will permit electronic charting of patient demographics and other health information in the pursuit of greater communicable disease reporting. Well known to the rest of the world is Pakistan's struggle against such diseases as hepatitis as well as Typhoid and Dengue fever.

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