January 2008
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HHS Awards CDC Last $24 Million In Flu Preparedness Funding

The last round of funding from a flurry of $350 million in grants from a 2005 congressional appropriation to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to upgrade state and local influenza epidemic preparations and response capabilities ends for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a March 17 deadline. Final awards will be dolled out April 18.

In March 2006 (phase 1), the CDC awarded $100 million to 62 jurisdictions for the identification of disconnects in preparedness and an additional $225 million in July for solutions to these disconnects. The final $24 million in grants, available to these same awardees, (states, counties, cities and U.S. territories that are current awardees of the Public Health Emergency and Preparedness Cooperative Agreement, AA154) will finance solution approaches that HHS deems "replicable." The funds will be distributed by a competitive application process, and are not supplemental to AA154 but, instead, are stand-alone funds provided through the pandemic influenza supplemental appropriations.

Specifically, the $24 million of additional funding will finance: Demonstration projects for use of public engagement as part of the public health decision-making process; Electronic laboratory data exchange to support pandemic influenza surveillance; Integration of state-based immunization information systems to track pandemic influenza countermeasures; Development of statewide public health information network-compliant electronic mortality reporting systems; Demonstration projects for collaborative planning among healthcare providers to ensure the delivery of essential services during a pandemic influenza outbreak; Development of interventions that promote preparedness for pandemic disease among identified at-risk populations; and, Exploration of processes whereby antiviral drugs can be distributed and dispensed to isolated or quarantined persons in a pandemic influenza event.

These awards are applicable only to non-research activities supported by the CDC. Click here to read the executive summary from the HHS CDC Pandemic Influenza Funding Announcement for Competitive Proposals (funding opportunity number: CDC-RFA-Tp08-802).

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